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Ensuring educational equity in your school reopening plan

The IDRA EAC-South can help you address inequitable policies and practices in your district through equity audits, training, coaching, policy and code of conduct reviews, and other resources and services. Because equity assistance centers are federally funded, these services are usually provided at no cost to school districts. 

The IDRA EAC-South can help your district:

  • Implement models, like restorative practices, that build strong and trusting relationships between students and adults and address community needs and conflict in a safe and healthy way;
  • Build strong relationships with families and students, whose leadership is critical to ensuring safe and equitable schools;
  • Support the personnel, programs and systems that ensure student safety, including counselors, social workers, nurses, restorative practices programs and ethnic studies courses;
  • Provide training for teachers and staff on combating institutional racism, implicit bias, and the school-to-prison pipeline and on implementing culturally-sustaining pedagogy and evidence-based approaches to classroom management; and
  • Convene families, students, teachers, and community-based organizations (in-person and virtually) to work with district leaders to develop a plan for ensuring safe, equitable, and police-free schools.

As part of our pursuit of equity in education, IDRA developed the bilingual infographic below to aid in assessing your district’s reopening plan. State guidance changes frequently, leaving it up to school districts to craft their own reopening plans. 

To be successful, it is critical that plans to reopen schools prioritize equity to ensure that students have their academic, health, and safety needs met, especially for underserved students such as English learners, Black and Latino students, students receiving special education services, and students from families with limited incomes. Follow the prompts in the infographic below (or online) to learn more about how your school district can ensure educational equity in its reopening plan.

See the printable version of this bilingual infographic (PDF)