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Equitable Practices for Online Learning – Free Webinar Series

Our webinars are part of the IDRA EAC-South’s free webinar series on Equitable Practices for Online Learning to support educators as you continue student learning during this unprecedented coronavirus (COVID-19) event.

Equitable Practices for Teaching Online Watch recording

This webinar helps teachers rethink their lesson plans for an online platform, including resources like teacher-created YouTube channels and explainer videos, tools for sharing resources with your peers, and ways of working with your district to ensure students have access.

Digital Divide: Connectivity, Infrastructure and Devices Watch recording

Get practical solutions to addressing the digital divide for your students. This webinar will explore immediate and sustainable long-term strategies that preserve the integrity of district fiscal policies.

Tools & Tips to Alleviate the Homework GapWatch recording

The homework gap is not a new problem. But with the move to system-wide distance learning, it’s not just a homework gap any longer. This webinar presents ways to support students who do not have internet access or computer.

Facilitating Online Math Sessions Watch recording

Get tips you can use right away! Compare ways of supporting students in Google Classroom in shared spaces versus virtual learning environments. And see how to use Zoom Whiteboard, Explain Everything, and Google Classrooms and Training.

PBL at Home & Across the CurriculumWatch recording

Project-based learning (PBL) is a powerful approach for educators to use with distance learning because it creates quality home learning experiences. Through hands-on experiences, students can explore, create, engage and connect what they are learning to the real-world. Join us as we explain PBL components of this interdisciplinary and inquiry-based learning approach with an equity lens and discuss applications of PBL across the curriculum.

Journal Writing About the Present for the Future – ELAR Webinar Part 1Watch recording

Lead your students as they create a primary source for future historians. In Part 1 of this three-part webinar series, Abydos trainers will outline literacy lessons adaptable for all grades as students use journal writing to record their responses to a pandemic that has upended their school year.

From Journaling to Personal Narratives – ELAR Webinar Part 2

In the second of this three-part webinar series, Abydos trainers will demonstrate a process where students select one of their journal entries to expand it into a fully developed personal narrative, reflecting the significance of the COVID-19 event.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020, at 2:00 PM (cdt) – Register

From Journaling and Personal Narratives to Letter Writing – ELAR Webinar Part 3

In the final installment of this three-part webinar series, Abydos trainers will present steps for students to select from their journal entries one issue important to them. Students will expand their writing into a letter to someone in authority suggesting how the issue and its outcome could have been improved upon.

Thursday, April 30, 2020, at 2:00 PM (cdt) – Register