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Family Engagement – Web-based Technical Assistance Package

Family Engagement

Few people question the value of parents being involved in schools. But many school leaders labor with traditional strategies that have little meaning or success.

Families can be their children’s strongest advocates for promoting quality neighborhood schools and to ensure excellent academic instruction – where children are safe, happy, learning and engaged.

This IDRA EAC-South’s Family Engagement Web-based Technical Assistance Package is designed to provide educators tools for embracing what, for many, is a new vision for engaging with families and community members.

This web-based package includes five chapters, each with a video and supporting resources.

The IDRA EAC-South provides technical assistance and training to schools that request services to increase equity and effectively serve diverse students and families.
To ask about the availability of services for your school or school district, complete an intake form.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Family Leadership in Education

Defines family leadership in education and describes its benefits.

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Chapter 2: Authentic Outreach

See how authentic family outreach differs from traditional ideas of parent outreach. And get specific strategies for implementing authentic outreach.

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Chapter 3: The Six Principles of Family Engagement

Explore the six principles of creating meaningful family leadership in education.

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Chapter 4: School Strategies for Family Engagement

Get some strategies for schools that support family leadership in education which is the key path for families to influence policy and practice.

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Chapter 5: Education CAFE Overview

Find out how Education CAFEs work and hear from members on how it has helped them and their schools.

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