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School Strategies for Family Engagement

School Strategies for Family Engagement

Chapter 4 of the IDRA EAC-South Family Engagement Web-based Technical Assistance Package

As in the previous videos, this videos guides planning for upgrading, expanding and giving new energy to a school’s family engagement approaches.

A variety of suggestions presented by family leaders and school administrators provide ideas on how to make the engagement process family-friendly. From having an asset-lens to seeing the stages of family engagement from the perspective of parents (1- First teachers, 2-Resources, 3-decision-makers, and 4-leaders), use this video as a planning tool for a school.

Co-Leading and Co-Transforming Schools – School Administrators and Family Leaders in Education

Even though the traditional notion is still the norm where, at best, families are seen solely as volunteers and fundraisers, there are clear signs that families organized through community organizations are engines of change for the better. This meaningful work paints a picture of how collaborations can be transformative and beneficial to all.

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