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Interrupting Bullying & Harassment in Schools

Safe, Friendly and Learning Supportive Spaces

Interrupting Bullying & Harassment in Schools

Bullying prevention does not happen without deliberate action. This online technical assistance toolkit is designed to give educators and school leaders the tools that they need to prevent bullying and harassment by fostering a positive school climate.

This package includes five chapters, each with a video and supporting resources.

Chapter 1: We Want Our Schools to Be Safe and Friendly

This chapter provides an introduction to interrupting bullying and harassment in schools and includes a literature review on the issue. (video 2:10 min)

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Chapter 2: School Leadership

This chapter provides research-based guidelines for local data collection and analysis; school-level strategies; community-level strategies; and individual-level strategies. (video 1:21 min)

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Chapter 3: Teacher Leadership

This chapter provides classroom-level strategies and an educator checklist. (video 1:09 min)

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Bullying and Harassment in Schools – Literature Review

In order to ensure that all students have access to the everyday activities and lessons of school, educators must work to create safe educational spaces and prevent bullying and harassment in schools.

This literature review by Gretchen Brion-Meisels, Ed.D.; Eliza O’Neil, Ed.M.; & Sarah Bishop, M.A., for the IDRA EAC-South presents the research highlights on risk factors, school obligations under law, avoiding ineffective anti-bullying programs, fostering change, school climate, addressing bias-based harassment and addressing cyberbullying.


Interrupting Bullying & Harassment in Schools Educator Checklist

This list outlines seven areas of focus for developing your own set of actions, determining your assets and challenges, and examining resources for creating a truly safe and friendly classroom and school where all students want to learn and succeed.