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Student Engagement – Online Technical Assistance Package

Student Engagement

Engaged students succeed academically. Student engagement refers to a school environment and activities that value students and incorporate them in learning and co-curricular school activities resulting in academic achievement. Student engagement cannot happen only at the classroom level. It also has to happen at the broader school or system level.

This IDRA EAC-South Student Engagement Online Technical Assistance Package is designed to provide educators tools for engaging all students, including students who are usually most marginalized in schools and communities.

This online technical assistance package includes a literature review, webinar sessions, articles, podcasts and other resources.

Literature Review – Student Social and Emotional Needs: Best Practices

A positive and welcoming school environment is a foundational aspect of student success that provides both physical and emotional safety for all students. A growing body of scientific evidence links SEL to improved academic performance. It fosters a sense of self-efficacy while boosting self-confidence and a sense of belonging. This literature review outlines effective SEL and student participation strategies along with considerations for SEL and distance education, including supporting students with special needs.


Ready – Reopen – Reconnect! Proven Strategies for Re-engaging Students Who Need You the Most


When schools opened in 2021, students and educators carried with them the trauma of the pandemic experience. Faced with students’ increased mobility, family economic hardship, lost relationships with teachers, and lack of academic success, schools lost touch with many students. Find out key factors that keep students coming back in the years following the pandemic and how you can help them feel a sense of success day after day.

See eBook: Ready – Reopen – Reconnect! Proven Strategies for Re-engaging Students Who Need You the Most

Building Our Way Back: ReEngaging Students After COVID-19

What are best practices that increase student engagement? What are the lessons we have learned during the pandemic? In this session, we will engage in a hands-on workshop that puts these strategies into practice! We hope to provide opportunities to learn, engage and reflect upon student engagement from the elementary to secondary level.

Webinar session featuring Stephanie Garcia, Ph.D., IDRA Education Associate; and Michelle Martínez Vega, IDRA Chief Technology Strategist. Held during the IDRA EAC-South virtual convening, June 2022.

Webinars on Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning is a transformative pedagogical method based on student-centered classrooms, but it requires teachers and schools to adjust how they present information and facilitate learning.

WebinarFirst Steps in Project-Based Learning – answers some of the most common questions about planning, implementation and best practices for project-based learning.

Webinar: PBL at Home & Across the Curriculum – focuses on how through hands-on experiences, students can explore, create, engage and connect what they are learning to the real world.

Infographic8 Elements of PBL Lessons

Student Research & Activism

Report Highlights: Student Researchers Report on Struggles their Peers Face During COVID-19, by Jacqueline Campos, Monica Cruz, Alejo Peña Soto, Fatimah Rasul & Ana Ramón, IDRA Newsletter

Article: Steps for Helping Students Become Activists – A Teen’s Advice, Melivia Mujia, IDRA Newsletter

Infographic: Steps to Promoting Student Activism

Webinar: Reimagining Student Engagement: Revamping School Policy and Practice and Fostering Student Advocacy, featuring Thomas Marshall III, M.Ed., Christina Quintanilla-Muñoz, M.Ed., & Melivia Mujica. This webinar explores how schools can reimagine their student and family engagements students return this fall to rebuild and foster authentic relationships between campus leadership, teachers, students and families while helping to reinforce trust and positive family attitudes about students’ education and school-family engagement. Held during the IDRA EAC-South virtual convening, July 2021.

Podcast Episode: Student Activists in High School,” IDRA Classnotes Podcast Episode 191, featuring Melivia Mujia and Evany Gonzales.

Webinar: The Power of Student Advocacy, featuring Melivia Mujica, Michelle Nguyen. This session discusses how to create a space for students to bring in input to create a safe space in an educational space and how to increase student engagement and student voice from the experience of former students who pushed for mental health supports from IDRA’s work with student advocates. Held during the IDRA EAC-South virtual convening, July 2021.

Centering Students’ Voices in Justice-Centered Computing Education

This session explores the topic of justice-centered computing education from the perspective of high school computer science students coming from communities historically underrepresented in the field. Through the students’ voices, we will learn about how computing education can connect to students’ sense of identity and agency, and why that matters. Key considerations for how this research can inform pedagogical practice will be shared.

Webinar session featuring Dr. Jean J. Ryoo, Director of Research, UCLA Computer Science Equity Project. Held during the IDRA EAC-South virtual convening, July 2021