A number of webinars and event videos are available for viewing on demand. See the list below.

Equity Audits – Assessing Equity Across Education – Visiting Scholar Webinar, Held August 7, 2019. Available on-demand.

Annual IDRA La Semana del Niño Parent Institute, Held April 5, 2019. Available on-demand.

College Readiness – Preparation for Underserved Students of Color, Held June 27, 2018; Available on-demand.

Integrated Schooling – Strategies and Benefits for Diverse Learning, Held January 10, 2018; Available on-demand.

Cultivating Equity-Oriented Educators: What SEAs Can Do to Promote Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Practices at the LEA Level, Held December 5, 2017; Available on-demand.

Cultural Responsive Pedagogy: An Effective Tool in Systemic School Transformation under ESSA, November 15, 2017; Available on-demand.

Diversifying the Teaching Field – Challenges and Opportunities, Held November 8, 2017; Available on-demand.

Ensuring a Safe and Inclusive School Environment for LGBTQ Students, Held September 20, 2017. Available on-demand: VideoSlides